"Keep the scent of Sicily, let you feel the bouquet of a land of intense and varied aromas; take up the challenge to contain in a jar all the colors and flavors of an unique and extraordinary volcano: Mount Etna".


Our best citrus fruits, selected on the field, long before the harvest, come from small firms, to better check every phase preceding the arrival of raw materials in our firm. Once perfectly ripe, they undergo selection, preparation and peeling, strictly manual, to preserve and keep the consistence and the integrity of the fruits and of their precious peel, at their best. These last ones are, then, candied in orange blossom honey, with our exclusive procedure which makes them soft and crisp at the same time, keeping intact all the flavours. The results are: intense and sweet smelling marmalades, which keep and give off all the taste of the most genuine Sicilian tradition.


Selecting our fruit, all traditionally linked with our territory, we respect the natural rhythm of the seasons, never using either hothouse, nor frozen products, concentrating our efforts to work only the best raw materials, fresh and just picked. The selection and the manufacturing are exclusively hand made and each single fruit is treated with artisanal care, even the lemon juice we employ in our jams - of wich we use also the precious essential oil of the peel - is squeezed at our firm, only at the exact moment of the processing. To sugar, the only and natural preservative of our products, we mix the honey from Zafferanea Etnea. This allows us to obtain a refined sweetness with a reduced caloric amount, but with the value of an extraordinary palatability, which can be granted only by a very first quality honey.

Wine Jellies

Our jellies represent the will to offer a different way to taste the noblest Sicilian wines: intense, delicate or combined with exotic spices, they match perfectly with typical cheese, salted and boiled meat, even the most daring matching, with fruit, fish and crustaceans, in a “marriage” of flavours, able to surprise and charm even the most refined palates. The possibility to be warm- melted and to get again their perfect consistence and gleam, once cooled, makes them ideal even to garnish cakes, pies and tarts.


Five unique and original products among the most appreciated of our range. Surprising for their delicacy and intensity, they match magnificently with cheese and salted meat, raw or grilled vegetables, tuna, crustaceous and pickled fish. Perfect for appetizers, canapés and finger food, they are an original match for fried food too; to be tasted even simply on a slice of homemade bread, better if warmed.


Three spreads, made with the most precious dry fruit of our territory. Characterized by a percentage almost double, compared with similar products on the market, they are made ulteriorly precious, by a 5% of toasted grain and by the unfailing presence of honey.


Our honey is selected among the best bee-masters of Zafferana Etnea - a village on the east slopes of mount Etna - which boasts a long tradition and classifies among the best national honey producers. According to the varieties, the pasture of bees ranging from the sunny orange and lemon groves of the Piana di Catania to the chestnut woods on the highest green belt of the volcano. To respect its precious organoleptic characteristics, our honey is not pasteurized.