We respect the territory

In order to do this, we take personal care of our raw materials, from the sowing to the harvest, preferring small producers, to better check all the processes which precede their arrival to our firm.

To sugar, the sole preserver of our products, we associate honey from Zafferana Etnea, to achieve a refined sweetness and a reduced caloric contribution, with the quality of an extraordinary palatability, which can be guaranteed only by a first rate honey.

Moreover, the rind of the vintage citrus fruits are candied in orange-blossom honey, by an exclusive process which makes them soft and crisp and keeps the scent and the flavour intact.

We follow the rhythm of the seasons

We don't use fruits grown in greenhouses or frozen, but we work only with fresh fruits, at the most, within twentyfour hours from the harvest. Even the lemon juice used in our preserves comes from fresh lemons, sqeezed in our firm, only at the processing moment.

An accurate selection of the producers and of their products which changes from season to season, according to the quality of the crop, leads us to choose only the best fruits, honey and spices, which we combine and transform, taking a good care, to respect, at the most, their organoleptic characteristics.

We are proud of being craftsmen

Our selection, preparation and peeling of the fruits are rigorously manual; this allows us to preserve and keep, as much as possible, unalterate the consistence and the integrity of the fruits, getting rid, at the same time, of every and each smallest flaw and imperfection, with the care only man's eyes and hands could.